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About St Bernard Project - Rebuilding New Orleans | St. Bernard Project

St. Bernard Project

Rebuilding the Homes and Lives of Katrina Survivors

About Us



St. Bernard Project (SBP) is an award-winning rebuilding, nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure that disaster-impacted communities recover in a prompt, efficient, and predictable way. With its innovative, vertically integrated construction system, SBP is poised to serve as a model for disaster rebuilding and affordable housing. With clients throughout the Greater New Orleans area, SBP reaches the communities most in need. Read more here about the families across the region who are still trying to return home seven years after the storm.

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Programs and Goals

SBP operates four direct service programs: Rebuilding ProgramOpportunity HousingGood Work Good Pay and Disaster Recovery Lab. Each is designed to restore the hard-working, family-oriented communities in New Orleans and St. Bernard and to reach the following goals:

-  Create humane, safe, secure and affordable housing
-  Ensure that individuals, families and the community are able to recover from disaster promptly and efficiently
-  Create living wage jobs for veterans in the community


The St. Bernard Project was started in 2006 by Liz McCartney and Zack Rosenburg, a teacher and lawyer, respectively, from Washington, D.C., after they saw the tremendous needs, yet solvable problems in the New Orleans region. During their initial month of service, they met residents who were courageous, spirited and determined to rebuild their lives and community. They shared their stories, opened their homes and made Liz and Zack laugh, cry and question their own values. Inspired by the residents’ collective spirit, openness and fierce desire to rebuild their lives and community, Zack and Liz decided to create an organization that would provide vital resources and support to families in a seamless and timely manner. SBP’s programs and goals are directly driven by the needs expressed by the community members.


St. Bernard Project is an independent non-profit organization. St. Bernard Project does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability or age in the selection of clients, recruitment of volunteers and in the hiring of staff.

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