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Our Programs | St. Bernard Project

St. Bernard Project

Rebuilding the Homes and Lives of Katrina Survivors

Our Programs


St. Bernard Project (SBP) is an award-winning rebuilding, nonprofit organization whose mission is to remove physical, mental and emotional barriers for those who are struggling to recover from the devastation and trauma caused by natural disasters. With clients throughout the Greater New Orleans area, SBP reaches the communities most in need through several programs.

To achieve its goals, SBP uses an “Under One Roof” model to operate four direct-service programs: Rebuilding Program; Opportunity Housing; Veterans Initiatives; and Disaster Recovery Lab. We offer case management, construction services, funding for our clients, and volunteer recruitment and in-house management. By offering all of the necessary services to rebuild our clients’ homes, SBP hopes to restore the hard-working, family-oriented communities in New Orleans and St. Bernard to a level of vibrancy and self-sufficiency so that they can participate in the city’s prolonged recovery and rebirth.

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Rebuilding Program

In 12 weeks of supervised volunteer labor and approximately $20,000 in building materials, SBP can rebuild a home for a low to moderate income family home whose home was flooded and rendered uninhabitable. We are currently rebuilding 50 homes in New Orleans and St. Bernard and have a waiting list of more than 130 qualified families.


Opportunity Housing

SBP’s Opportunity Housing Program builds/rebuilds blighted properties and puts them back into commerce as affordable for-sale and rental housing. By utilizing volunteers and Good Work Good Pay employees, SBP both makes these properties livable and revitalizes communities at a cost significantly below the market rate.


Veterans Initiatives

SBP’s Good Work, Good Pay Program hires, trains and pays fair wages to veterans and other unemployed residents, primarily as electricians, plumbers and carpenters. Good Work Good Pay creates living wage jobs in residential construction while tackling the region’s significant blight problem.

In addition, SBP’s Veterans Corps program creates opportunities for veterans to continue to serve their community through SBP’s extensive AmeriCorps program.


Disaster Recovery Lab

SBP’s mission is to ensure that disaster-impacted citizens and communities recover in a prompt,
efficient and predictable manner. Through Disaster Recovery Lab, SBP will work to share lessons
learned, prevent common barriers to recovery and help communities utilize SBP’s standardized,
repeatable and proven-effective model.


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